Gernot Tutner
from disco to noise
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Tutner Elevate 2011

from disco to noise

Since 2000 Gernot Tutner (aka Henry Bootz) is an active part of the electronic music scene in Graz, acting there as DJ, producer, live performer and event organiser. Intitially focused on dancable sound, he began to open up the field of Experimental and Improvised Electronic Music during his three-year employment (2003-2006) at the IEM - Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics on the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz. In 2004 he founded the music collective 'moonbootz recordings'. Since then he is playing the club sound under this label and today under the artist name Henry Bootz. His musical works live from the synthesis of the abstract with the concrete and a irrepressible urge to groove that remains even in uncompromising reduction and repetition.

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StiCri Orchestra (Zagreb, HR) - Impro - noise
Release Techno DJ-Mix - K K Podcast Berlin and airplay on Radio FM4 - disco
Premiere of the Austrian Improvisers Orchestra - impro and technical organisation - noise


Strictly Analog Festival (Ljubljana, SLO) - solo, live, impro - disco & noise
Elevate Festival (Graz, AT) - DJ und No-Input-Mixing-Workshop - disco & noise
Nights im Bunker, Forum Stadtpark (Graz, AT) - performance
AudioArt Festival (Pula/Zagreb, HR) - impro - noise


Rostfest (Eisenerz, AT) - DJ - disco
LaStrada (Graz, AT) - DJ - disco
'Tutner liest Tutner' (Graz, AT) - performance - noise
sprngbrk Festival (Graz, AT) - live - disco
Release 'Mamma, mir schmeckts beim Auer nicht' - sprngbrk Compilation (digital)
V:NM Festival (Graz, AT) - impro & organisation - noise


Alpenglow III (Wroclaw, PL) - impro - noise
Wien Modern (Wien, AT) - live with 'Dope Beat Rosengarten' - disco & noise
Release 'Dope Beat Rosengarten' (CD Album) on chmafu nocords - disco & noise
New Music for Data Base Sound (Ljubljana, SLO) - live with 'Dope Beat Rosengarten' - disco & noise
Since 2012 member of the 'Styrian Improvisers Orchestra' - noise


Sardinen Rave (Graz, AT) - performance
Elevate Tour Stop (Graz, AT) - DJ - disco
Peal Festival (Leutschach, AT) - DJ - disco
sprngbrk Festival (Graz, AT) - DJ - disco
Release 'Lost [edizione primavera]' - sprngbrk Compilation (digital) - disco
V:NM Festival (Graz, AT) - with Hugh Metcalfe - impro & organisation - noise


Alpenglow (London, UK) - with Hugh Metcalfe - impro - noise
sprngbrk Festival (Graz, AT) - DJ - disco
Release 'Pellagra' - sprngbrk Compilation (digital) - disco


Elevate Festival (Graz, AT) - DJ - disco
Residency at 'Kulturzentrum Niesenberger' until 2014
Presidium association until 2013 - president 2009-2011
Absolutely Free Festival (Graz, AT) - with 'The pd~Hendrix Experience' - impro
sprngbrk Festival (Graz, AT) - DJ - disco
V:NM Festival (Graz, AT) - with 'Dope Beat Rosengarten' - impro & organisation - noise
alpen:glühen II / Styria meets Cologne (Köln, DE) - impro - noise


Landmark Silo - Regionale 08 (Stmk, AT) - sounddesign, film FX, performance
Styrian Stylez Festival (Graz, AT) - live with 'Liquid Rotz' - disco
Release 'Olga' with 'Liquid Rotz' - Styrian Stylez Compilation (3xCD) - Zeiger Records - disco


NCC07 - Netart Community Convention (Graz, AT) -, project management
V:NM Festival (Graz, AT) - with Seppo Gründler a.o. - impro & organisation - noise
Since 2007 member of committee of 'V:NM - Association for promotion and dissemination of New Music'


Suncity - with 'Liquid Rotz' - Dom im Berg (Graz, AT) - disco
Founded 'Liquid Rotz' - Techno live with Gerald Schauder (aka Kabelton) - disco


Steirischer Herbst (Graz, AT) - live solo and with Monique Fessl - disco
Founded 'VAEM – Association for exercising Electronic Music' (board of trustees of the label 'moonbootz recordings')


'Die beste Besetzung' - Theater im Bahnhof (Graz, AT) - sound design, sound direction
Founded 'moonbootz recordings' - disco
Event series 'moonbootz' until 2008 - Bluemoon & Arcadium (Graz, AT) - disco


Sound installation 'spacetransformer' - Graz2003, Steirischer Herbst (Graz, AT).


Event series 'The Sunshine Underground' - Arcadium (Graz, AT) - bis 2001 - disco.